our story

Mike & Chrissy both grew up in a small agricultural town in California and have known each other since 2nd grade.  

During their senior year in high school, Chrissy moved to Texas, so they lost touch with each other. 

In 2014, Chrissy and Mike reconnected via Facebook (thank you Mark Zuckerberg).  

They share an enjoyment of travel, camping, hosting family gatherings and crafts.  

Their life experiences have blessed them with different perspectives on things.  Chrissy is more of a “hippie” and Mike is more of a “by the book” type of person.  While they can be on the opposite side of the spectrum, they tend to balance each other out.  Opposites attract, right?

They purchased their home in Meadowcrest in 2019.  This is their “forever home” and they plan on living here for the rest of their lives.  For that reason, they are fully vested in Meadowcrest.  

We are the proud parents of 5 sons and 1 granddaughter, with another grandchild on the way.  




While in high school, Chrissy was a member of the school’s Future Farmers of America program.  During her tenure in the program, she was elected to hold the positions of Vice President, Secretary and Reporter.  

Chrissy worked in education for 30 years in various positions. She worked with disabled high school students and worked as a preschool teacher while she continued her education.  Eventually she rose to the position of Director, with the responsibility of several schools.  Chrissy also held a position as the Subsidy and Food Program Administrator with a region that spanned two states. 

After reconnecting with Mike, Chrissy worked with Mike to run the business he had started.  This continued until Mike and Chrissy decided to retire and to focus on catching up on their lost time with each other and enjoying family.  

Chrissy has been active in the community.  Mike and Chrissy have both volunteered their time to assist with Veteran’s Stand Down activities and most recently, Chrissy spoke before the Nampa City Council in opposition to a proposed high density housing development that would have impacted Meadowcrest.  The city council ultimately rejected the proposal.  

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After graduating high school, Mike enlisted in the Air Force and graduated with Honors from the Air Force Police training course as a Law Enforcement Specialist.  Mike served in various locations throughout the world.  Mike is a Gulf War Veteran.  

After Mike’s enlistment ended, Mike started a career in retail management. Ultimately, he held different corporate level management positions with companies such as Target, Gap and Levi Strauss and Company.

Ultimately, Mike started his own business and ran that business until Mike and Chrissy decided to retire to focus on catching up on their lost time with each other and enjoying family.  

Mike has been active in the community.  Like Chrissy, he volunteered to assist Veterans at events.  After buying our Meadowcrest home, an issue with the grading of some of the Phase 1 and 2 lots was discovered.  Mike worked with Hayden Homes to arrange a town hall meeting so homeowners could voice their concerns to Hayden leadership and seek resolutions.  Mike has also made presentations before the Nampa City Council concerning issues impacting the city as well as Meadowcrest specifically.  

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