The purpose of this page is to give you a summary of the concerns & allegations that have been made.  The other pages on this website will provide much more detailed information and supporting documents about the items in this summary.


On April 15, 2023, the Board of Directors had a message posted in the Meadowcrest private Facebook group, which called on homeowners to volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.  The post went on to threaten that if not enough candidates volunteered, the HOA would have to be run by the management company and our assessment dues would be increased, possibly higher than before.  

As a result, both Mike and Chrissy commented they would both be submitting their nominations to serve on the Board of Directors.  


As a result of Mike and Chrissy’s posts, the current board voted on April 17, 2023 (only 2 days after the Facebook post) to have the HOA’s attorney to draft an amendment to the bylaws which would prohibit spouses (or individuals living in the same household) from serving on the board at the same time.  


Thanks to neighborhood friends, Mike & Chrissy became aware at least one of the current board members was actively campaigning against Mike & Chrissy specifically.  This included creating a flyer which was handed out during community garage sale on April 22, 2023.  

The flyer questioned if spouses (specifically spouses) should serve together on the board.  The flyer made a lot of assumptions about how spouses would act on the board as well as how members would act.  While the flyer painted a worst-case scenario that could surely doom the HOA, it failed to disclose the existing checks in balances (legal and ethical) which would make all the points being made moot.  The failure to provide the existing checks and balances is, in our opinion, deception by omission.  

It was discovered the same board member was talking with homeowners in the community, naming Mike & Chrissy specifically, in an effort to get people to volunteer to serve on the board and/or vote in support of the amendment.  

While we do not know the involvement of the other board members (if any), it is highly doubtful that one board member would take actions, such as creating and distributing a flyer, without the knowledge of the rest of the board.  


Mike & Chrissy believe the actions are occurring as a form of retaliation against Mike because of his continued involvement in the community after he stepped down from the board.  Mike’s involvement consisted of communicating with the board to provide information and/or voice concerns.  An example of one of the concerns Mike raised was the board’s apparent intent to lower the quorum requirements without homeowner involvement prior to the annual meeting.  


Board members have fiduciary duties to the members of the HOA.  Part of these duties include taking care to make well thought out decisions without letting personal feelings interfere with their judgement.  Board members also have a duty to not engage in campaigns against members of the HOA, to include having private discussions with members to disparage or undermine other members.  

Regardless of if Mike and/or Chrissy serve on the board, we feel a formal Code of Ethics should be implemented for future board members.  

Supporting documents

In order to promote full transparency, the other pages of this website contain supporting documents to include the social media posts and comments, the flyer, the communications between Mike and the board and/or board member(s), as well as association records which show actions of the board, such as motions and votes.  


There are other items being voted on at the annual meeting besides electing the new Board of Directors and whether spouses can serve at the same time.  This website also provides information about those items and possible questions you may want to ask before submitting your votes.  

It is our hope, before forming an opinion, you will review all (or some) of the rest of this website so you can make an informed decision when casting your votes during the upcoming annual meeting.