While Mike was on the board, a topic of discussion was possibly purchasing “kids at play” signs to be mounted in the community using the existing city sign poles.  

Mike contacted Nampa Public Works, who installs and maintains the sign poles and signs to ask if it would be permissible for the association to mount association signs on some of the sign poles.  The answer was no.  

At the March 13th HOA meeting a discussion about putting up signs for possible street sweeping was discussed.  Since Mike attended the meeting via Zoom and there were issues with people being able to hear, he sent the board an email to ask some questions and to also advise the board of what public works had said about not being able to use the city sign poles.  

On March 28th a board member email Mike and let him know that according to Nampa code enforcement, putting signs on the “speed hump” signs in the neighborhood would be allowed.  It was later learned the discussion with code enforcement occurred over the phone  on March 28th, prior to the email to Mike being sent.  

Since conflicting information was received, Mike emailed public works and copied the board member on the email.  The board member sent a follow up email providing additional information and a picture.  The Director of Public Works replied to the email and confirmed that installing signs on the city owned sign poles was not permitted.  

While it was not the answer we wanted, Mike felt it was best to know what was allowed so the association did not purchase signs that would not be able to use.  In addition, the association would be protected from incurring possible fines from the city.  

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To protect the privacy of the board member(s) and/or third parties involved in the discussion, their identities have been redacted.